Permanent Lip Tattoo / Blush

This technique, often referred to as lip tattooing or lip blushing, involves implanting pigment into the lip skin to enhance its appearance. It’s a form of semi-permanent makeup that can help achieve the illusion of fuller lips, improved symmetry, and a soft, natural-looking definition. 

lip blush

Lip Blush

Lip blushing brings colour and definition to pale lips and gives thin lips better shape and the illusion of fuller lips. I can also lighten dark, melanin-rich lips and make the colour appear more even.

Typically, lip blushing last 2 – 3 years before you need a colour boost. The healing process takes about 3- 5 days, and most client experience some mild swelling in the first 24 – 48 hours and some dryness as the lips exfoliate.

lip blush healed
Aftercare Instructions for your Lips

Day 1-3

The area will appear too dark & too big. This is due to the scab formation.

All colours scab 70% darker & thicker. You will have 70% fading.


Every 90 minutes. Rinse your lips with a cotton pad, dampened with warm water. Gently circle on the lips until clean skin is felt. After rinsing, apply a thin layer of our aftercare ointment . 

Apply a thin layer of the aftercare ointment to the lips as many times as needed until the scabs come off naturally.

Your lips might be dry for a few weeks following the procedure, keep them as moist as possible.

If you have ever had a fever blister before, you will probably get one after your procedure, please ask your GP for a script and start your anti viral tablets ASAP. This also works best when taken before the procedure as well.

Wash your face as normal, but around the treated area – avoid using chemicals or soap on the area.

Pat dry.

NO rubbing.

The less you agitate the area, the better the result will be.

Make-up can be applied over the area to soften the initial appearance, but remove with vaseline for day 1-3. Always use a clean applicator to apply make up.

Day 3-5

The scab will start to detach.

The area will look patchy, uneven in colour and very light – this is normal.

The pigment was implanted under six layers of skin and can take up to six/seven weeks to surface and become solid and even.

Lips take up to 12 weeks to develop!

Your colour could even vanish completely before it reappears.

Itching is normal as new cells are growing. Do not pick at scabs as this will cause excessive fading.

Fever blisters can also cause fading.

Day 10 onwards

You should start to see a beautiful result appearing.

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